Disposing conventional wisdom and neglecting to go down the well trodden and thorn free path of an engineering or IT career which was least risky and most sought after path for most of the educated young generation we, Kishore decided to try a new route, one which would evoke curiosity and ignite unvarnished creativity.
A picture always spoke a thousand words. To ignite an emotion through an inanimate image, on a casual observer, was a scintillating thought and an action that needed practice and more importantly patience.
He enrolled at the Light and Life academy, the first and only professional photography institute in India then. Capturing light was institutionalised in our minds. He had the opportunity to go back to conventional jobs at the end of their study at the academy but decided to setup something to follow their true passion. BokehTree was born at that moment.
The BokehTree Studio is a state of the art photography studio set in the capital of Kerala, Trivandrum that epitomises joyful serenity. Equipped with the latest photography instruments, lighting accessories and facilities, the Studio is an edifice that invokes calm, joy in an abundant space. Since its inception, BokehTree along with our Studio has been privileged to handle some high profile work given its young age and is garnering a name for quality amongst its peers and amongst artists who endure to capture themselves or their subjects in the most optimal conditions.
BokehTree pays homage to the path taken by its founders. We wrote earlier, that it all started with a blur. Bokeh symbolises the visual appeal of the out-of-focus areas of an image. The Tree, symbolises life. Here we pay respect to our teachers at the Light and Life academy and also the life that photography has opened up for us.

E : Kishore.r@bokehtree.com
P : +91 9895332988
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